Read our frequently asked questions for fast answers. The entire team at YMPL is available and happy to answer your questions.  Should you have a question which we have yet to address in this FAQ list, kindly contact us and we will get back to you at our soonest availability. 


What happens if it rains on the day of the yacht charter?

Hmm. We hate it when this happens. But when it does, we let our Captain skipper decide if the yacht charter is safe enough to proceed with a light drizzle. As a general policy, we will reschedule the yacht charter for you if the weather is bad before the booked charter timing (i.e it rains before the yacht charter starts). But if it rains during the charter, we usually do not reschedule the booked charter for another day.


What happens if I or one of my guests turn up late for the charter?

The yacht charter you pay for is available for the booked time period. So if one guest happens to turn up late, it will be your call to decide if you want the yacht to wait for your guest. You may extend the duration of your yacht charter with us, Please note that this will come at an additional cost. Do speak to our customer concierge to find out more! 


Can I invite guests last minute on board?

Yes, you can as long as the total number of people on the yacht falls within our maximum capacity stated on the package you purchased. Please note that we are unable to accommodate too many people (beyond our stated numbers) on our yacht simply because of safety reasons.


Am I allowed to smoke on board?

We do not allow smoking on our yachts because the owners dislike the odour it leaves behind. All rooms are equipped with a fire smoke detector.


Am I allowed to take photos and videos during the charter?

Yes definitely. We highly encourage people to have fun and make memories of their charter!


Am I allowed to bring outside food on board the yacht?

We don’t restrict people from bringing small tidbits to snack on board the yacht. However, we are unable to allow catering food because of the Marina’s general restrictions on yachts berthed there. If you do need to organise food catering services for an event on the yacht, the catering needs to be organised through One Degree Marina and we can assist you on this.


Please do note that as per Singapore's Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill, there will be no consumption of alcohol on our yachts from 10.30pm onwards till 7 am. We seek your cooperation with us on this matter.


Is there mobile phone coverage while on the ship?

As long as we travel within Singapore’s waters, you should be able to connect to the internet on your usual data plan.


I’m worried that I may get sea-sick while on board, is this likely?

It would be good for you to bring along some sea-sickness medication on the yacht as we do not provide this on the yacht. Hence if you think you might get sea-sick, please bring along some meds to standby.


What if we have to get back to shore quickly?

For whatever urgent reasons then, you can shorten your charter anytime. Please note that we do not refund or compensate the unused hours of the booked charter.


Are there any health and age requirements?

Any kid under 12 years needs to be accompanied by an adult. For people who have pre-existing health conditions, who are immobile, elderly, pregnant, please consult with your physician prior to the yacht charter.


What are the terms for a refund?

We do not refund bookings if you cancel the yacht charter less than 14 days from the booked date. Please view our Terms and Conditions for more on this topic.


Any freebies provided on your yacht charter?

No, we usually don’t provide free toys, food, wine, medication etc. What we provide is stated upfront on this website.


Is there a minimum and maximum hours I can book a yacht for?

The prices that we offer are for 5 hours only. Apologies, we don’t do 1 hour or 1-week duration charters etc.


What is the booking procedure like?

We’ve recently simplified our bookings into a 5 step process to make things easier. Simply (1) Select your vessel (2) Book a Date (3) Read our Terms and Conditions (4) Process Payment (5) Turn up and enjoy. To get started, click here


What's our itinerary going to be like?

The itinerary is based on your preferences of activities, we are also familiar with most locations and can advise accordingly. The crew know the territory very well and will tailor the cruise to fit your requests.


How far does the yacht go?

We usually cruise around and within Singapore waters. There are plenty of beautiful islands to check out.


Do I need to tip the boat crew?

That’s entirely up to you. Our crew work hard and happy. They would be grateful for extra tips nonetheless!


Are there any forms of entertainment provided on board?

We also have a supply of water toys such as kayaks and floats (subject to availability) for you to play with out at sea. Please let us know prior to your charter so we may set it up for you in advance. You are free to bring other forms of entertainment on board. 

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