Painting by the Sea

18 kids from the Salvation Army came by today and visited Lady Quikglow 1!

At the crack of dawn, we sailed out at 7am on board the large Lady Quikglow catamaran and docked by the jetty on Lazarus Island. Thankfully, there was no stormy weather and it was also not too hot. It was literally perfect weather!

The kids sat on the wide wooden space on coloured plastic mats and were each given a canvas, a set of art tools and a quick lesson in acrylic painting by our special guest Artist, Rachel.

We encouraged them to be wild, free and creative about painting their idea of an imaginary happy island. We didn't put any restrictions, the only one being not to paint the wooden floor! :P

The kids took home their individual works of art and we did a short exercise about sharing things we were grateful for.

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