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Setting Sail with AOL

November 19, 2016

In support of Architects of Life's (AOL) mission to empower youths at risk, we participated as a host venue for their recent charity fund-raising event. With AOL leading the charge, participating partners, volunteers & youth beneficiaries came together to hear testimonials and performances by youths who had turned their lives around. 







T-shirt designed by a youth who graduated from AOL




With Senior Minister of State, Ms Sim Ann gracing the event. She shared about her brief experience with mentoring youths at risk.


 Song performance by the boys



About AOL:


Falling prey to the lure of drugs, crime and other addictions is a lot easier when you grow up in an environment that lacks familial love, concern and support. When youths get convicted for their crimes, they are admitted into institutional homes for a period of care.


But at these institutions, many often spiral into a vicious cycle of depression because they feel despondent about their life and future prospects when they have already been condemned by the law.